I created a number of single page e-mail blasts that successfully introduced sales reps of the Traveler's Insurance Company to sales, marketing and continuing education tools available to them through the corporation. Click image to view enlarged JPG in a new window.
I wrote a series of consumer and trade ads and collateral for Goldenberg's, one of the country's oldest, continuously-operating candy makers. I also authored the tag line that the company used for years: Some things still taste as good as you remember. I helped develop marketing materials that would appeal to consumers who'd grown up enjoying Peanut Chews and Chew-ets at the movies as well as introducing them to a 5th or 6th generation of Americans. Click the image to download PDF.
CoreBrand is a leading, full-service branding and marketing communications agency headquartered in NYC and with locations across the country. I had worked with the company on multiple projects for their clients and when it was time for them to redefine and strategically brand themselves they asked me to help. After collaborating on a concept with CoreBrand's top management, I wrote all the copy for the company's capabilities brochure and portions of its website. Click the image to download a PDF.
A series of mailers for Air Products, one of the world's largest producers of medical, industrial, and specialty gasses, addressed many everyday operational issues that affected their customers. This campaign, one of many projects I have done for this client, was a cost effective way to get the word out to customers that no matter what challenge they faced, Air Products had a solution. Click the image to download PDF.
Two large dealerships selling the thrill and thunder of the open road, need frequent down-and-dirty radio spots to push events or sales cost effectively. I love writing for radio and produce these spots quickly and inexpensively for the stations to record and run. I can also create more elaborate, fully produced turnkey spots, hiring voiceover talent and acquiring music rights and sound effects, when necessary. Click the Harley logo to listen to the spots.
This series of newspaper ads for New York City-based fine china retailer, Villeroy & Boch, had to do double duty. While announcing a sale on segments of its premium product line, the company also wanted to retain its reputation for producing elegant, high end dinnerware. I also wrote the company's positioning line at the time — "Don't just set the table. Set the standard".
Periodically, I write listener essays on topics of my own choosing for WAMC, a major National Public Radio station based in Albany, NY which broadcasts throughout upstate NY and southern New England. I love to write for the spoken word, whether I'm doing radio spots, voiceovers for video, interactive point-of-sale, or the web. Click the microphone to listen to the spots.
Dialogic Ad
When Dialogic Corporation wanted to demonstrate its commitment to producing technologies that delivered speed and capacity for the telephone industry, they came to me for a concept that would stand out from the typical product ads used by most competitors in trade publications. I conceived and wrote a spread ad that grabbed reader attention with a much more consumer advertising feel, image, and headline, but also got the client's technological point across in detailed product copy.
In addition to creating a full capabilities brochure, I helped Fastech Inc., a leader in the complex and growing field of sales and marketing automation software and systems, balance their desire for visibility in trade publication advertising and their need to do it cost-effectively.
When a major pharmaceutical company divested a large division, the newly formed corporation needed to promote its completely unknown name, establish an identity as a standalone, and create marketing and employee communications materials. Working with a top branding agency in New York City, I conducted interviews with Catalent executives from many departments and wrote all their introductory materials for both internal and external audiences.
As the leading distributor of premium kitchen amenities such as Viking ranges, refrigerators and other appliances, Delia wanted an elegant sales piece that would appeal to the developers, builders, and owners of high end homes. I created the concept of and wrote the copy for this multi-use brochure and folder, using existing photography and after conducting extensive interviews of company executives, commercial partners, and appliance owners.
These transit posters were created for the Fox affiliate in Philadelphia and used throughout the Delaware Valley to raise awareness and drive viewership of its earlier, hipper-than-usual one hour news program.
Together with the talented folks at Twist Communications, I helped Unisource deliver their message – and their product – directly into the hands of the people around the world who would specify its use. A smooth, multi-coated commercial printing paper, Porcelain offered printers and graphic designers premium performance at an everyday price. We combined images of beautiful porcelain objects with modern technologies to demonstrate the functionality and value behind the brand.
A copywriter's dream assignment! I created billboards for the seminal cartoon series that comments on modern life more meaningfully than any Ivy League-trained sociologist ever could. These boards — as well as others — were done for Fox Television and entertained commuters on stretches of I-95.
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