How I Work

Good communication means finding a creative, compelling, simple, and smart way to tell a story.

That's what I do.        

What I bring to the table for businesses of any size is experience and expertise honed at some of the world's best-known companies, at an affordable rate with no red tape or hassle.

Whether you need a single ad, a web site that gets more hits, a standalone brochure, or a complete marketing campaign (print, broadcast, or online), I provide creative, cost-effective solutions. I can work alone or as part of your team. I can be the point of contact or stay completely behind the scenes. I have access to a seasoned lineup of marketing research professionals, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, as well as internet and multimedia experts. I do serious and I do funny. I am comfortable working in whatever way makes your job easier.

Who I Am

As VP and head writer in a national advertising agency, I spent years crafting campaigns for international powerhouses as well as mom-and-pop shops. In the corporate world, I produced publications and presentations for a worldwide audience of employees, customers, vendors, and investors. As senior editor in a major PR firm, I created award-winning programs for some of America's leading corporations. As a freelance writer, I have done all that and more.

I live in Connecticut, but work for clients anywhere.  I’m a former card-carrying union musician and for fun I play drums in an almost-all-doctor rock band. I’m an avid photographer and inveterate audiophile. When the mood strikes, I write and record essays for National Public Radio (see portfolio).

I invite you to check out my work and check with my references. I’d love a chance to show you what I can do.       

Products and industries

Pharmaceuticals, pizza, motorcycles, electronics, branding services, insurance, healthcare, sports teams, industrial gasses, fire alarm systems, beer, water filters, jet engines, medical equipment, catering, opera companies, candy, credit cards, pet accessories, printing paper, major appliances, insulation, fine china, printing presses and much more.

Clients I Have Worked For


Air Products and Chemicals Corp.



CoreBrand, Inc

DuPont Electronics

DuPont Medical Systems

DuPont Printing Systems

FOX Television

Glaxo SmithKline



Keystone Health Plan

Mölnlycke Health Care

Pizza Hut


Traveler’s Insurance

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